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"You deserve an award. Rick Riordan's books have a wide variety of ethnicities which does not happen in many books out there. You can see the care he takes to create each character. It's a shame to see people ruining it by using actors who have nothing to do with the character's appearance just because the actor is popular in the media. If the person wants to make a good graphic or art, google is always there to help us."

Yes, thank you, you phrased it perfectly.

In the first series, almost everyone was white. And then Rick realized this had to go when he understood the simple thing: The series started off as being hope for bullied kids with disorders. Why not extend that to those of different races?

That’s what makes each character unique and the series so powerful, no matter who you are, or what you look like, you can always be a hero.

Unfortunately, people overlook this, either by ignorance or laziness.

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